Mixing business with pleasure

Our Vision

While we are primarily a business, profit is not the only reason we exist. We are here to help people live their dreams and build their wealth. This purpose activates us and motivates us.

While making money is of course essential for the vitality and sustainability of our business, our focus is about improving the lives of the people that we connect with along the way by creating a win-win situation.

We want to create and optimize value for all our investors, visitors, local community, employees, partners, and vulnerable groups. This will lead us to a healthy, sustainable, resilient business.

Through of a series of exciting investments, investors can not only make a profit, but enjoy the investment, eg) holiday weeks at the Borgo, and at the same time know that their investment is helping others.


Our guests can purchase local products direct from the producers and interact with locals directly providing a rich cultural experience. Attend courses to facilitate personal growth eg) dealing with personal issues, health and wellbeing, etc.


Local Community
Local businesses can sell directly to our visitors, generating more profit by cutting out the middle man. This experience enhances their lives and business as they have new cultural exchanges, and evolve their business.


Employees & Partners
We will promote and maximise their individual skill set to not only help themselves and the Borgo, but also the community at large.


Vulnerable Groups
We are working with different vulnerable groups to help them participate in the community in a way that works for them.

Why Abruzzo?

It’s no secret that Italy is one of the international destinations that people most want to live in, as well as being one of the top five  tourist destinations and due to the recent reduction in property prices also for property investment.

This unique development brings together all the characteristics that both investors and homebuyers are looking for:



Abruzzo is ideally located in the centre of Italy, near to both the sandy white beaches of the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountain Range. Given the geographical variety, there are two climates that co-exist. At the coast, we enjoy hot summers and mild winters; while in the mountains, we enjoy winters with perfect skiing conditions and warm, fresh summers. You can have it all here. Abruzzo is one of the only places in the world where on certain days you can go skiing in the mountains in the morning and go swimming in the sea and sunbathe on the beach in the afternoon.



Discover the extraordinary landscape by strolling through the stately ancient towns and villages that have stood on hilltops for centuries. You immediately feel the impact of a region that has successfully preserved many of its original features, in an untouched environment where human presence is rooted in the mists of time. The magic of Abruzzo is the beautiful combination of nature and history: the great architecture of the churches, castles and mansions, precious works of art, the countless examples of applied arts and ageless rural traditions.



Ranging from award-winning wine, extra virgin olive oil, regional cooking based on pasta, lamb, fish and local specialties, Abruzzo has it all! Throughout the summer periods, many feasts (sagre) take place all over Abruzzo, and each village / town exhibits its own specialty in a parade of traditional costumes, folk dances and other characteristics of the area. Tables are laid out in the piazza allowing the locals and tourists to enjoy an outdoor meal with music. While you’re here in the Abruzzo region make sure you try “arrosticini” and some fresh fish produce.



Stunning views right down the valley: You can see over 50 miles of Italian olive groves, vineyards and mountain ranges. In winter you can enjoy breathtaking views of blue skies, white snow covered mountains and rolling green hills. This is a nature lover’s paradise – with the giants of the Apennines, Majella and Gran Sasso nearby, there is ample opportunity for hiking and skiing. For those with wanderlust, why not take a gander through the beech woodlands? And then of course there’s the beach… Wherever you go, there’s beautiful scenery.

Our Founder

Nikki Di Girolamo fell in love with both Italy and property investment in the 1990’s and has established herself as an international property developer and media personality, and most recently as a social entrepreneur. She’s been sharing her passions ever since, helping people live their dreams and build their wealth.

Since 2004, Nikki has founded 5 successful real estate companies in Italy and the US all of which have passed 7 years work, and is known for her expertise in identifying property markets that offer significant ROI.

In 2009 Nikki realised that she wanted to do more than just make income – she wanted to make a difference. Abruzzo Borgo has been conceived and developed as a way of investing in the fundamentals of Italy – wine, olives, history and beauty – and reviving the economy of Abruzzo.

The Abruzzo Borgo, her latest project, combines Nikki’s experience in property development, as well her inherent respect for nature, and desire to see those around her reach their potential. An eco-touristic village in the heart of Italy, the Abruzzo Borgo not only offers profitable investments for property and equity owners, but creates a symbiotic business ecosystem where investors, visitors, the local community, employees, business partners, and vulnerable groups come together, contributing to each other’s financial and personal wellbeing.

The success of Nikki’s past and current businesses makes her sought out to speak at investor conferences throughout Europe and the US. She has appeared on the UK television programs ‘Place in the Sun’ and ‘I Want That House’, and the popular US program, ‘House Hunters’.

Originally from the UK, Nikki has lived in Abruzzo, Italy for 23 years. Fluent in Italian and English, her personal and business experiences give her a solid cross-cultural understanding of property investor requirements across the European and US markets.

Charity Through Agriculture

Abruzzo Borgo is dedicated to helping people

Due to the coronavirus many people have problems even putting food on the table so we are working together with various locals to produce more vegetables-Also as the Abruzzo Borgo has a lot of land, we are hoping to raise funds to buy seeds and seedlings to produce and sell herbs, spices and vegetables that can be grown by the people in need.

Many peoples’ only source of income was what they made from selling things at the market, or cleaning houses or doing day jobs. Due to the fact that no one is allowed to go around they now have zero money coming in. We’ve come up with the idea of raising funds to help them. For the price of a cup of coffee, seeds and seedlings can be bought by donors. Then the donors can receive the organic crops once they’ve been produced. Please give as much as you can and we will show videos and photos of how we are growing the crops and also will send you some products in September. You can use your credit card and choose the amount you want to donate. After donating please send us your name and your physical address on the form below so we will be able to send you products.

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