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Escape to Italy

1-8 months from September to April starting at €550 per month

Looking for a cozy escape with breathtaking views? Our self-catering apartments in Abruzzo, Italy are available for long-term rentals from September to May!

🏞️ Stunning Views: Wake up to the beauty of the mountains every day.
💶 Affordable Rates: Prices range from €550 to €750 per month + utilities.
🚗 Perfect Location: Just 2 hours from Rome, 25 minutes to Pescara’s beautiful beaches, and only a 15-minute walk to the charming town of Alanno.
🍖 BBQ Spot: Enjoy delightful cookouts in our designated BBQ area.
🌊 Nearby Sulphur Springs: Explore the tranquility of nearby springs, perfect for nature lovers.

Enjoy the best of Italian living with all the comforts of home. Book your stay today and make Abruzzo your home away from home!

🏠 Typically, our guests are English-speaking clients from the USA who stay for a month or two to explore whether Italy suits their lifestyle. They are often interested in purchasing property, and we’re connected with a vast network of real estate agents and private sellers. Some guests also stay to gauge if they’d like to relocate to Italy permanently or explore residency options. Additionally, they enjoy visiting local sites and immersing themselves in the natural beauty of the area. We also organize various trips to wineries and other excursions to enhance their experience during their stay.

👥 Having this small group of like-minded people available allows for great conversation and people can exchange ideas and experiences. We have communal barbecues, dinners, and other excursions, and in November, we have olive picking.

🌳 So if this type of small community appeals to you, we would love to have you rent one of our apartments. Our prices range from €450, €500, €550, and €650 plus utility bills.

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Offer: Valid Dates September to April
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Price per month (4 weeks) plus utilities & €50 cleaning fee not included

Italian Properties for sale!

Riga 31,000 🏡 🗻 Restoration Opportunity: Historic Property near Caramanico, Abruzzo Italy 🗻🏡

🔥 Property Reduction in Riga for quick sale 🔥

Originally €45,999 …….RͦͯͦͯEͦͯͦͯDͦͯͦͯUͦͯͦͯCͦͯͦͯEͦͯͦͯDͦͯͦͯ to ✨€32,000 ✨for quick sale


🇮🇹 🗻Caramanico €149,000 Traditional Italian Country Home and annex suite! In Miella National park Abruzzo Italy🗻 🇮🇹

Originally €175,000 …….RͦͯͦͯEͦͯͦͯDͦͯͦͯUͦͯͦͯCͦͯͦͯEͦͯͦͯDͦͯͦͯ to €149,000

🔥 Property Reduction C͙A͙R͙A͙M͙A͙N͙I͙C͙O͙ for quick sale 🔥


🇮🇹 Chieti Center! Abruzzo Italy 🇮🇹

🌟 major reduction due to roof leak! 🌟

🇮🇹 Chieti Center! Abruzzo Italy 🇮🇹

🔥P̾R̾I̾M̾E̾ P̾O̾S̾I̾T̾I̾O̾N̾
P̾R̾O̾P̾E̾R̾T̾Y̾ R̾E̾D̾U̾C̾T̾I̾O̾N̾ 🔥

Originally on the market for €149,000 Due to it great condition and position. After having a non-paying tenant and a leak on the roof the property deteriorated. REDUCED to €99,000


🏡 🇮🇹 🏖 Invest in Heritage: Historic Collecorvino Property for Sale in Beautiful Abruzzo, Italy: ideal as an AirB&B 🏖🇮🇹🏡

Originally €45,000 …….RͦͯͦͯEͦͯͦͯDͦͯͦͯUͦͯͦͯCͦͯͦͯEͦͯͦͯDͦͯͦͯ to ✨€31,000 ✨for quick sale✨

 🛏100 year old partially restored traditional Italian property In original brick right in the center of Collecorvino, 20 minutes to the beach! ideal for an Airbnb 🛏🏡

Experience Italy & Save!