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Are you a food lover?
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Join us at the Abruzzo Borgo, in the heart of Abruzzo, Italy. All year round activities peronalised to your taste, from learning the art of Italian cuisine, visiting local olive oil mill & wine producers,  wine tasting, visiting spiritual sites, visiting historic sites, visiting peaks of mountains to wooden fishing structures to enjoying the culinary delights of the traditional and characteristic restaurants. There is something for everyone, white sandy beaches in summer to skiing in winter there is something all year around

At Abruzzo Borgo, you will experience authentic Italian culture, local artisans, farmers, and wine makers while staying the heart of Abruzzo where traditional methods have been passed down from one generation to the next. We will guide you off the beaten path where you will see the real Italy, without the crowd.

This is an example of one such weekend.

On this special weekend, we will accompany you to Jarno Trulli’s winery where you can sample some of his famous award-winning wines. You will learn how the different brands are produced and also watch the bottling process.When you’re not tasting wine, you’ll be relaxing and enjoying the amenities at Abruzzo Borgo.

 Thursday evening

Guests will arrive at Abruzzo Borgo, get settled into their apartments, and spend the evening relaxing.

We will have a wine tasting and buffet on-site in the evening.


Breakfast food will be provided for you included in the apartments. You can spend the mornings you wish relaxing, sleeping in, or socializing with the other guests.

We will transport you to lunch in a local authentic Italian restaurant (approximately 15 euro) paid by the guests.

In the afternoon we will visit Jarno Trulli’s cantina. Jarno Trulli is a famous Formula 1 racing car driver who owns a fabulous vineyard right near us. We are offering private tours and wine tasting in this beautiful vineyard and cantina.

Dinner a local restaurant is included at no charge to you.


Breakfast included in the apartments, relaxing and socializing with other guests.


Lunch in a local characteristic restaurant

In the afternoon we will visit an innovative  olive oil mill run by a local farmer which will explain all the pressing process  and taste the resulting high-quality olive oil.

Dinner at a characteristic local restaurant


Breakfast is at your leisure with food provided in your apartment.

So we invite you to join this incredible experiences together with the Abruzzo Borgo.