Our Vision

Our Vision: An eco-touristic village combining commercial entrepreneurship and social enterprise.
While we are primarily a business, profit is not the only reason we exist. We are here to help people live their dreams and build their wealth. This purpose activates us and motivates us.

While making money is of course essential for the vitality and sustainability of our business, our focus is about improving the lives of the people that we connect with along the way by creating a win-win situation.

We want to create and optimize value for all our investors, visitors, local community, employees, partners, and vulnerable groups. This will lead us to a healthy, sustainable, resilient business.

Through of a series of exciting investments, investors can not only make a profit, but enjoy the investment, eg) holiday weeks at the Borgo, and at the same time know that their investment is helping others.

Our guests can purchase local products direct from the producers and interact with locals directly providing a rich cultural experience. At our on-site conference center, they can attend courses to facilitate personal growth eg) dealing with personal issues, health and wellbeing, etc.

Local Community
Local businesses can sell directly to our visitors, generating more profit by cutting out the middle man. This experience enhances their lives and business as they have new cultural exchanges, and evolve their business.

Employees & Partners
We will promote and maximise their individual skill set to not only help themselves and the Borgo, but also the community at large.

Vulnerable Groups
We are working with different vulnerable groups to help them participate in the community in a way that works for them.