Unlocking Your Spiritual Connection! Mediomystic Seminar.

Come and spend time with international medium Paul Brereton, a dedicated spiritual teacher with a lifelong connection to the spiritual world. He diligently attended spiritual awareness and development circles, enhancing his mediumship skills through spiritual teachings. Paul offers mediumship demonstrations, private readings, and workshops at numerous spiritualist churches and international platforms. His compassionate approach to mediumship has profoundly impacted those seeking spiritual connection and healing.

Saturday, June 8th at Abruzzo Borgo, Via Piccianese, Alanno 

Join our one-day seminar to learn how to connect with spirit.

3:15 PM to 6:15 PM   30 euros

Join Paul Brereton for a profound session where you’ll connect with the spiritual realm. Through guided meditations and exercises, Paul will help you deepen your relationship with your spiritual guides and enhance your mediumship abilities. This session promises to be an enlightening experience, fostering a stronger connection to the spirit world.

Paul will demonstrate spiritual mediumship, showcasing his ability to communicate with spirits and convey their messages live to participants

7:00 PM to 10:00 PM    30 euros

In this demonstration, Paul will connect with the spirit world, providing insights and messages from loved ones who have passed on. Through his mediumship, he aims to offer comfort, clarity, and a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm. Whether you are seeking closure, guidance, or simply an experience of the profound connection between our world and the next, Paul’s demonstration promises to be an enlightening and moving experience. Join us to witness the power of spiritual communication and explore the possibilities of life beyond the physical.

Join us for an experience of spiritual growth and enlightenment at Abruzzo Borgo, Alanno. Secure your spot and embark on a transformative journey with Paul Brereton.

you can attend a single seminar for 30 euros or join both for 49 euros 

For more information call Nikki on or WhatsApp +393286872158 

Our Medium

Paul Brereton is a dedicated spiritual teacher and medium with a profound connection to the spiritual world from an early age. His journey into mediumship began after his mother passed away, driving his determination to explore and understand the spiritual realm. Paul found guidance and mentorship from renowned medium Doreen Elston, who played a pivotal role in his development.


His dedication led him to the Arthur Findlay College, a prestigious institution for spiritual learning, where he eventually became a tutor.


Paul’s work spans numerous spiritualist churches and international platforms, offering mediumship demonstrations, private readings, and workshops. He has also engaged in paranormal investigations and developed his abilities in trance mediumship. Paul is committed to responsible and compassionate mediumship, understanding its profound impact on those seeking spiritual connection and healing.

So come and join us ! 

for more information call nikki on +393286872158 

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