🏡  🗻 Restoration Opportunity: Historic Property near Caramanico, Abruzzo Italy 🗻🏡

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Originally €45,999 …….RͦͯͦͯEͦͯͦͯDͦͯͦͯUͦͯͦͯCͦͯͦͯEͦͯͦͯDͦͯͦͯ to ✨€32,000 ✨for quick sale

🏡100 year old traditional Italian property In original Miella stone and brick . 2.5 km from Caramanico, a renowned historic town known for its thermal springs. Abruzzo Italy with a comunal garden nearby the Majella National Park.🏡

The most important aspect of this property is its size; it boasts eight rooms. Approximately 100 years old, the property is rich in character. However, to make it habitable, several repairs are necessary. The roof needs to be refurbished, which involves removing the tiles, installing new insulation, and then replacing the tiles. Additionally, a new electrical system must be installed, and a bathroom needs to be created.

Originally €45,999 …….RͦͯͦͯEͦͯͦͯDͦͯͦͯUͦͯͦͯCͦͯͦͯEͦͯͦͯDͦͯͦͯ to ✨€32,000 ✨for quick sale

The property
– [ ] 6 rooms
– [ ] 2 rooms outside
– [ ] comunal garden
– [ ] Upper and lower terrace

There is also the possibility for two rooms for €5000 

Opportunity to purchase an old apartment for €15,000, which used to be the stables and cattle quarters.

Traditional Italian property boasting the following features:

1. Lower terrace leading to the main house with two doorways and two outdoor rooms.
2. Original Miella stone house with many preserved original features.
3. Main residence: Upon entering, you’re greeted by a charming kitchen adorned with an original old stone fireplace.
4. Accessible from the kitchen or directly from the lower terrace, the next room features vaulted ceilings, characteristic windows, and a stunning stone staircase.
5. Ascend the stone staircase to reach the three rooms above, with two already completed and one awaiting completion.
6. Roof repair required to address a leak
7. Access to the terrace can be obtained through the unfinished room..

Address: Contrada Riga, 37, 65023 Caramanico Terme PE, Italia


🧑‍🔧This property is a great opportunity for someone skilled with their hands and eager to experience the Italian lifestyle. The friendly neighbors add to the appeal of this community. However, it’s important to note that the roof needs fixing due to a leak, and there’s a need to build a bathroom. Despite these projects, living here allows for thriving while enjoying a relaxing lifestyle. 🏠🔧

🌞During the summer months, this property offers excellent rental potential due to its proximity to Caramanico. In the winter, it serves as an ideal retreat for remote workers seeking a peaceful lifestyle or writers seeking inspiration away from the hustle and bustle.

☕Imagine sipping your morning coffee on your terrace enjoying the natural beauty of the National park

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