Golden Eagle Apartment

Welcome to our apartment that offers incredible views and landscapes 2 hours away from Rome.



– Stunning Terrace

– Ideal for relaxation in breathtaking views of Abruzzo’s majestic mountains.

– Spacious Kitchen Lounge

– Well-illuminated space equipped with all necessary utensils, inspiring delightful cooking experiences.

– Luxurious Bathroom

– Featuring two shower heads and glass surroundings, offering ample space for rejuvenating showers and unwinding moments.

– Master Bedroom

– Relax in a spacious room with a grand double bed crafted from antique wood accompanied by a charming wooden wardrobe. The room also includes dim lights for reading on each side of the bed so you don’t disturb your partner. Wake up to panoramic views of the Abruzzo mountains.

– Inviting Medium Bedroom

– A double bed crafted from antique wood and full of captivating antique designs it also provides an easy access balcony through a huge sliding door, blending indoor comfort with outdoor serenity for an immersive experience.

– Cozy Small Bedroom

– Dive into comfort with a single bed among old stones while soft lights under the window create a soothing ambiance.

– Whole floor Terrace

– Delight in outdoor living with a spacious second-floor terrace boasting a BBQ area and stunning vistas, perfect for yoga sessions and stargazing.

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Watch a video of the apartment!