Dove Apartment

Welcome to our apartment that offers incredible views and landscapes 2 hours away from Rome.


πŸ•Š Welcome to the Dove Apartment,πŸ•Š

 created from a tastefully restored 100-year-old farmhouse! 🏑 


Step into a characteristic Italian living space where meter-thick walls, keeping you cool in summer β˜€ and cozy in winter ❄. Revel in the charming atmosphere created by the exposed stone and brick walls, inviting you to feel right at home. 🌟


Kitchen/living area:

πŸ›‹ Step into our kitchen/living area, 🍳 where the open concept, complete with πŸ”₯original fireplaceπŸ”₯, invites cooking, lounging, and memorable gatherings with ease.Β 


Master Bedroom:

Where you can sleep soundly! πŸ› Experience the charm of our double bed, crafted from a 70-year-old wooden door. πŸšͺ Enjoy the unique touch of history with our restored 70-year-old window. πŸͺŸ Open it wide to let in the refreshing breeze and sleep soundly on our comfortable mattress. 😴


Comfortable Small Bedroom:πŸ’€

Find peace and privacy in our small bedroom, with a beautiful exposed old stone wall and characteristic . It’s composed of two single beds.Β  πŸ›πŸ›It’s a cozy retreat for a good night’s sleep.


Relaxing Bathroom with Bathtub:πŸ›

Unwind after a long day in our spacious bathroom, complete with a bathtub for soaking and refreshing showers. It’s the perfect spot to recharge and relax.πŸ›


Garden with Swing Chair and bbq:

Step outside to discover your very own private garden oasis! 🌿 Relax on a delightful wooden swing chair, savor meals al fresco at the garden table and chairs, and enjoy evening barbecues with our provided grill. πŸ”

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Watch a video of the apartment!