About Nikki

Nikki Di Girolamo fell in love with both Italy and property investment in the 1990’s and has established herself as an international property developer and media personality, and most recently as a social entrepreneur. She’s been sharing her passions ever since, helping people live their dreams and build their wealth.

Since 2004, Nikki has founded 5 successful real estate companies in Italy and the US all of which have passed 7 years work, and is known for her expertise in identifying property markets that offer significant ROI.

In 2009 Nikki realised that she wanted to do more than just make income – she wanted to make a difference. Abruzzo Borgo has been conceived and developed as a way of investing in the fundamentals of Italy – wine, olives, history and beauty – and reviving the economy of Abruzzo.

The Abruzzo Borgo, her latest project, combines Nikki’s experience in property development, as well her inherent respect for nature, and desire to see those around her reach their potential. An eco-touristic village in the heart of Italy, the Abruzzo Borgo not only offers profitable investments for property and equity owners, but creates a symbiotic business ecosystem where investors, visitors, the local community, employees, business partners, and vulnerable groups come together, contributing to each other’s financial and personal wellbeing.

The success of Nikki’s past and current businesses makes her sought out to speak at investor conferences throughout Europe and the US. She has appeared on the UK television programs ‘Place in the Sun’ and ‘I Want That House’, and the popular US program, ‘House Hunters’.

Originally from the UK, Nikki has lived in Abruzzo, Italy for 23 years. Fluent in Italian and English, her personal and business experiences give her a solid cross-cultural understanding of property investor requirements across the European and US markets.